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The Real Dirt! A Secret Recipe!

I never thought I would be writing about dirt, but I promised. In my previous article about container gardening, I promised to give you my secret recipe for the dirt that has won me blue ribbons at state fairs across the USA. I must have had low blood sugar or something, I have never told anyone outside of my family about this. But I won’t be leaving it up for long! Print this out unless you want to buy my next book which will contain this information as well as some other tips not published here.

If you think all dirt is the same, you’re in for a wonderful surprise! And if you’ve had some disappointing results from growing plants in containers before, those days are over. This dirt works miracles.

Before you read this, go back and read my article “Container Gardening” you will be up to speed. Understand that this “growing medium” (a fancy term for dirt), is meant for use in containers and should not be used in conventional “in ground gardens”. We will be covering that later. This growing medium is reusable year after year, but it will need to be remixed and have… Continue reading

Try Container Gardens For Small Spaces

We always love watching the Amish as they get their fields going for the summer crops!

As we move into Spring and Summer, our thoughts turn to gardening and all things outdoors.  So I’m going to bring you a series of articles about container gardening, conventional gardening and other outdoor activities. There are so many fun things to do with your family that will help them be ready for any situation including camping, practice bug-outs, adding solar power to your home, and many others. Today we are going to look at container gardening.

I firmly believe that a country/rural home is a must for long term living in a crisis situation. But what if that’s not within your reach yet? There are many of you that live in an urban area with no or very small yards. Not a problem! What if I told you there is an easy way to grow a lot of fresh food with little to no space and a relatively small footprint? And what if I told you that you can do it with a very small investment? And best of all, you can take your garden with you when you move? Sound… Continue reading


Home Solar Power Systems (Updated)

Even a small system can add value and attraction to an existing home!

The following is an update/revision of a post released on 08/21/16.

Solar power payoff. Is it for real?

Looking for a way to save money and add value to your home. Try solar power payoff. For those of you considering adding a solar power system to your home, it’s important to see if it’s worth it in terms of your home’s value.

The long-term benefits are impressive but our question today is should you add a solar panel system if you are planning on selling your home in the next one to three years. There are so many variables in systems that there isn’t one easy answer that fits all situations. However, the general answer is yes, yes, and yes. Solar power payoff is real!

When people are faced with a choice of a home with or without solar power, there is no doubt that solar power comes out a winner. The U.S. Department of Energy did a study of this and looked at eight different locations. Naturally, there was a variation depending on the cost of electricity in each location. The… Continue reading

Today’s A Great Day To Check Your Preps!

Check Your Preps!

Most Tornadoes happen with little to no warning!

I know what you’re thinking- Preppers are nutbars who want the world to end so they can be the survivors who climb out of their basements to rebuild. And I reply that I would really prefer NOT to see the end or TEOTWAWKI. But things happen such as tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes. Wouldn’t you rather be the one who can feed and protect your family until basic services are restored? It’s not that hard to get started, and you don’t have to do it all at once. I’ve been a “prepper” since I was a young man (I’m 59 now). In fact my family was prepping long before the word even existed.

Does that mean I have an underground bunker filled with everything you can imagine? No, but I do have a closet filled with enough supplies to feed my family of 4 (2 adults and 2 grandchildren) for a year. I also have first aid, hygiene, books, and many other things that we now take for granted. Make sure to keep an accurate list with expiration dates so items can be replaced with fresh… Continue reading

Are We Already in A Civil War?

  • Are we in an outright war?

Remember when you were growing up? In school we studied American History. One of the biggest chapters was on “The Civil War”, or North Vs. South. While so many different groups have tried to put different spins and meanings on why it occurred, the truth is that two entirely different ways of viewing our nation were battling for supremacy. One side (The North’s) believed that the Federal Government in Washington should be the primary source of rules and policy, while the other side (The South’s) believed that each state was a separate entity, and the only function of the Federal Government was to ensure that The Constitution (as written) was upheld, and that the nation was protected from outside forces. Obviously The North won. We now live in the results of that victory.

Fast forward 152 years to today. Our nation is completely divided again, with violence erupting more and more frequently. Once again the main issue is of differing views on what America is and should be. Instead of North Vs. South, we have Liberals Vs. Conservatives. America First Vs. The One World dogma. But the divisions go far deeper… Continue reading

Good News? Is It Time to Let Down Our Guard?

Do we have good news today?

I wish I had good news to report but sadly, that’s not the case most days. You’d think that the country would settle down after the election and we could get about our business but nearly every day there’s some story that makes it look like nothing is really improving.

In all my years I’ve never seen the office of the president of the United States treated the way it’s being treated. People are threatening the holder of the office, calling him mentally ill, and breaking the law at every turn. Whether you like the president is not important. What is important is that you respect our country.

The problem is a lot of people are not wishing our country well. They’re actually hoping we have trouble. I see a lot of bad things coming if these people, who are really enemies, don’t get stopped. Until we see some signs that things are improving, we preppers must stay alert.

We must not give into the feeling that all will be well. I know, you’re weary from always having to think about these things. I’m weary, too, but now is not the time to give… Continue reading

America in Danger! Stand Up for Your Country!

Never Destroy

America in Danger!

A few months ago I published this article about America in danger. At the time I was concerned that signs were pointing to the possibility of a civil war putting America in danger just after the election. Well, I was wrong on the timing but not the event, folks, but that was because the polls were showing that Hillary would become the next president.

That didn’t happen and now some, but not all, of her supporters are agitating for all-out law breaking to prevent the president-elect from being inaugurated and becoming the next president. As of today I hear that over 900,000 people are planning on marching and causing chaos because they didn’t get their way. It’s a sad commentary on our country and is sounding like one of the countries in the world that only change leaders through warfare.

There are confirmed reports that ads are running in two leading American cities offering to pay protestors up to $2500 to be bussed to protests and to remain on the job. Racial unrest is being advocated and is stirring up people’s emotions.

Most Americans are not interested in this and are hoping and praying… Continue reading

2017 Is Here!

What will 2017 Bring?

It’s time to take a look at 2017! During the seemingly endless 2016 we almost gave up that it would ever end. But 2017 is here, folks and let’s see if that’s a reason to celebrate.

Problems we’re Facing.

Some people are full of doom-and-gloom and others are too optimistic. I think it’s good to be somewhere in the middle. We can be happy that some of the dire things being planned for this country were stopped but we mustn’t take our eyes off the long-term picture. We still have too many enemies, inside and outside of our country, who are hell bent on destroying us and what we stand for.

Our nation still has too much debt and needs to get its financial house in order. We still have friendly nations being punished and our enemies being rewarded. We still have people who think they have a right to tell us how we need to think and talk. We still have a military that must be rebuilt and we still are not taking care of our veterans in the way they deserve.

Our Hopes for the Future.

On the positive side, we see our new… Continue reading

Voodoo, Polar Vortex, and Global Warming ?

Polar Vortex Voodoo

Polar vortex and global warming? Let me get this straight, folks. The icy deep freeze we’re having now is caused by global warming??? That hot air is so bad now that it’s causing most of us to shiver and shake? Didn’t the same ones who are preaching this say that last summer’s searing heat was caused by global warming? You almost feel sorry for the poor people who are desperate to blame everything wrong on some kind of voodoo they’ve invented.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the climate doesn’t change a lot. Sometimes it goes through hotter cycles and sometimes it goes through colder cycles. I think that’s been happening for a long, long time and it’s nothing new. Some of you may have grandparents or great-grandparents who talk about the ‘awful winter of such and such’ when the lakes froze over or the terrible summer of ’42 when it was so hot that steam came off the sidewalks.

One of my all time favorites for young and old alike!

Books about Unusual Weather

Even as far south as Houston, Texas there’s a story that once in the late 1800’s Galveston… Continue reading

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