Real Earth Solutions

About Us

Founder and principal trainer at Real Earth Solutions, Fleur Baker, holds a Master of Environment and Sustainability, a Bachelor of Health Science, qualifications in ecological design, permaculture, and creative facilitation processes. With more than twenty years experience in educational program design and delivery, your training will be fun, engaging, memorable, and effective.

Our mission

We help your business or organisation to re-imagine the future, enable leaders and employees to implement change, adapt to changing circumstances, and leverage your competitive advantage.

We empower leaders, managers, and team members to understand Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements and opportunities. Take advantage of emerging opportunities to position your business as an industry leader, and deliver stronger results that enhance your bottom line.

The work we do, helping your business, enables us to share the benefits to our community, and to support environmental and social initiatives.