Real Earth Solutions

Our commitments

At Real Earth Solutions we take our personal and professional environmental and social responsibilities seriously. This is largely informed by permaculture ethics and principles which are used as decision making and design process tools.

Some of the ways we take action include:

We are an SME Climate Hub signatory. This is a commitment to a net-zero 2050 target, with intermediate 2030 targets, with annual reporting requirements.

However, we are not prepared to wait until 2050, so:

  • Our premises are all electric, powered by renewable energy
  • Travel and residual GHG’s are offset with Greenfleet Australia, contributing to tree planting and habitat restoration
  • For every training participant a tree is planted
  • Paper, consumables, and equipment are recycled or second hand, wherever possible
  • We grow a permaculture designed food garden, sharing produce with the local community
  • Food waste is composted on site, or fed to the resident chooks and guinea pigs
  • We take a circular economy approach to manage ‘waste’ starting with informed purchasing decisions, making highest value and efficient use of items, then re-using, donating or recycling at end of life
  • We are zero-plastic wherever possible

If we can help you achieve your sustainability goals, please Contact us.