Real Earth Solutions believes that everyone has the capacity to be an agent for positive change. Whether an individual, household, organisation, small or large business, the decisions we make today create the future we live with tomorrow.

Our Mission

Climate change, and the need to sustainably and harmoniously manage and regenerate the earth’s resources, is the urgent and important responsibility of our generation. I will support you on the journey towards sustainability for your business or organisation.

With over twenty year’s experience in sustainability, Real Earth Solutions is committed to responding in ways that are effective, pragmatic and realistic.

Time is short! If you need assistance to prioritise, develop and manage change for your business or organisation, please get in touch.

Our History

Founder of Real Earth Solutions Fleur Baker holds a Master of Environment and Sustainability and qualifications in community health and permaculture, alongside over twenty years experience in education program design and delivery.

Real Earth Solutions has grown from grassroots permaculture, sustainability and community activism. Offering a unique perspective on sustainability with experience in health, environment and education, I am ideally positioned to support your sustainability journey.