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Urgent! Why You Need a Food Supply Now!

Your Food Supply

This is what a Walmart looked like after the Ferguson, MO. riots!

This is what a Walmart looked like after the Ferguson, MO. riots!

A thoughtful comment from one of our readers about not having a food supply ready in light of what’s happening got me thinking. We couldn’t make up this breaking news if we tried. It’s way too bizarre! Less then two weeks before a presidential election and one of the candidates is facing renewed charges for treason! What’s going on? Is this a set-up so the current president can pardon her and then she’s off the hook? Or is it even more sinister?

Whatever the reality is about what’s happening, we know it’s not good. We know it’s a reminder that we need to be prepared for it. That’s what bothered me that one of my most faithful readers admits that he’s not prepared.

I know, you’ve been reading about needing to have a food supply for a long time now. It’s on your “to-do list” and you have bought a few sacks of beans and rice but it’s never become something you’ve tackled completely. Instead, it’s more like a nagging warning at the back of your head that you wish would just go away. … Continue reading

Tiny Houses and Prepping-A Good Fit? – Part 2

The Fun Part Begins

This is what you'll start with. Much bigger than a pre-built tiny house on a trailer!

This is what you’ll start with. Much bigger than a pre-built tiny house on a trailer!

Your new wooden shed just got delivered and is ready for you to decide what you want to be inside your tiny house. You had it placed on that perfect spot on your land, sunny, high elevation, with some pretty views. Or you just put the finishing touches on that kit you got and you’re proudly showing off your new creation.

Now what?

I’m assuming that you, like me, have land in an unincorporated area with no zoning requirement. If that’s not the case, you need to have already done your homework and found out the zoning laws and if any permits are required before your shed was delivered or your kit-built shed is finished and put into place. A shed permit is probably the most that is needed, unless you’re building a home in the $100,000 range and I don’t think that’s us. To be super safe, just leave the exterior in an un/partially finished state. Go with weatherproofing and skip the aesthetics such as paneling, etc. If some sort of disaster (natural or manmade) does… Continue reading

Tiny Houses and Prepping-A Good Fit?

Is a Tiny House in your Future?

Built On A Trailer

Built On A Trailer

My wife loves watching all kinds of  home improvement shows. Lately that seems to be all she watches on TV. At least there’s no politicians on those shows. Every day I’m inundated with flips, flops, renovation rescues and of course,  a tiny house. When I hear the “oohs and aahs” I know she’s found a particularly appealing one. My mother even calls and asks me what I think of tiny houses. I never cease to be amazed by people buying storage sheds with a few amenities added for absolutely outrageous prices. I’m reminded of P. T. Barnum’s statement “there’s a sucker born every minute” which doesn’t make me very popular with the women in my life.

I don’t know about you, but I need a lot more than 200 square feet to live in! (that wouldn’t be enough for even 1/10 of the wife’s stuff).  However, they are extremely popular, so let’s look at them from the viewpoint of their usefulness for a country/ survival residence.

Getting Out of Cities

As most of you know, a lot of  my articles are aimed at… Continue reading

Is a Civil War Brewing in America?

Are Cracks in the Fabric of our Society Pointing to a Civil War?Never Destroy

Listening to the daily news it sounds like a civil war is brewing in this country. We may be blaming it on this election circus but there’s more to it than that. For a number of years people have been dividing along lines based on their core beliefs. There was a time when most Americans shared these basic standards but the split is deep-seated now. Compromise seems unlikely.

Historians say it is increasingly becoming like it was just before the Civil War when citizens divided into extreme camps and each had distrust and dislike for the other.

Will everything settle down after this election? It’s unlikely. Whoever moves into the White House will be facing a large percentage of our fellow Americans who launch fierce attacks at them. This will make it almost impossible for the winner to accomplish much. They will literally be under siege and facing the prospect of a civil war.

What do you Stand for?

Now this blog is not intended to take sides politically. We will not name who we think you should vote for or discuss who we are voting for.… Continue reading

Building Confidence in the Age of Terror and Crime

Guest post by Granny O., Michigan

How to Build Confidence in the Age of Terror and Crime

How confident are you that your family is ready to survive in this Age of Terror and Crime? As my previous posts have emphasized Kid-Size Situational Awareness and Granny’s Games for Prepper Kids, our children need to be taught alertness skills so they notice when something unusual is going down. Think about that recent stabbing attack in a Minnesota mall. If your teen had been there with friends, would they have noticed and taken evasive action or would they have been a victim?

How about you? What would you have done if you heard a shout that a man was stabbing people? Would you run? Would you try to hide? If you had been alert you would have noticed the exits when you came in and even seen some hiding places. You don’t have to be obsessive about it. If you’re alert it becomes second nature to always check our your environment.

Or what if you were out walking and caught in a mob protest that was becoming violent? Bottles being thrown, police in riot gear, crowds pushing you… Continue reading

Life in Homeland America- Are Hard Times Ahead?

( The following post was originally published in May 2016, But the question of what lies ahead for America still remains.)

As I sit in my “Hamshack” (office) gazing out at a beautiful spring day in the Ozarks, I’m reminded of how fortunate we are as Americans. Then, as my eye is drawn to the ticker of news at the bottom of my TV screen, my pleasant reverie is quickly gone!

Most of the news is so terrible that we become immune to it.

It keeps happening more and more!

It keeps happening more and more!

“50 Christians beheaded by ISIS”

“Suicide bomber kills 20”

“Russian fighters buzzing US Navy ships”

“Borders ignored daily by waves of immigrants”

I’m just numb. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the horror of watching our nation being pillaged by self-serving politicians, our Constitution being systematically rewritten, our freedom to live our life as we wish being constantly stripped away if you are a Christian and not gay, our military left a fragmented ghost of itself, and insane environmentalists who think we should go back to a pre-industrial society.

It just goes on and on, ad nauseum!

There is no unbiased news left in this country. Every channel spins… Continue reading

Our Muslim Government-Is It Too Late?



Possibly you’ve seen some, or maybe all, of what follows.  But keep it in mind…
Did you know our government is steadily being infiltrated by Muslims and Muslim sympathizers? This has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with our
future as the greatest country in the world!

Right Under Our Noses!

America has no idea what high government positions Muslims hold in this country.
It is absolutely unthinkable that nobody in the media or the government would
have noticed this . . . .or maybe they do….
Trump is starting to look better all the time.              !!VOTE!!
This information has all been checked, then double checked… it is
100% CORRECT! Look it up for yourself!

America has already been Infiltrated!
That’s why there is such an alarm within the US government, about
Trump’s statement about temporary suspension of migration of Muslims
to the US until US authorities make sure there is a proper concept of
safe penetration of US territory.
People are stunned to learn that the head of the U.S. CIA is a Muslim!
I do… Continue reading

Disaster is Always Just Around the Corner

Disaster Strikes

I want to apologize to all my readers. I haven’t put up any posts lately. On Saturday July 23, a beautiful sunny day when all seemed right in my life, I was helping one of my sons who is an “over-the road” truck driver maintain his semi-truck. It seemed  that his air conditioning wasn’t working properly. So we were trying to figure out why his AC compressor wasn’t coming on. While I was tracing a wire, I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that the engine was running. Like most modern cars and trucks, the radiator fan is electric, and can turn on and off without warning. And yes, I knew that. But I was so fixed on tracing this wire that I forgot about the fan.

The wire I was tracing ran under the fan housing. Suddenly the fan kicked on while the index finger and the middle finger of my right hand was inside the fan housing! The results were catastrophic!  I yanked my hand out of there quickly, but the damage was done. While I felt the violent impacts of the fan, I didn’t really feel any pain. When I looked at… Continue reading

Worst Case Scenarios

Worst Case Scenarios

Think of life without electricity!

Think of life without electricity!

You wake up one night dripping with sweat. What’s wrong? After tossing and turning several minutes you decide to get up and check. You don’t turn on any lights because you don’t want to wake up the family so you feel your way down the hall to the thermostat. The little light that usually allows you to read the temperature is out. Uh Oh. This doesn’t look good.

A few more steps to the kitchen where you pull a flashlight out of a drawer and back to the thermostat you go. It’s set on its usual 73 degrees but the temperature shows it’s 91 degrees in the house. Whoa! The AC must be broken. How long will it take to get a repairman out, you wonder, dismayed at the thought of the bill.

You glance out the front window and realize that it’s pitch black out there. Your usual floodlights that light up your driveway are out and no lights appear on your neighbor’s porches either.

There’s a sense of relief as you realize it may not be your AC after all. It’s probably an electrical outage. Lately there’ve been a lot… Continue reading

How To Slash Your Electric Bill Starting Today!


Always count the cost of what you get free…passive home

How would you like to start slashing those electric bills immediately? Like today? It’s possible!

One of the most overlooked ways to cut electric costs is through passive solar. The sun provides free energy to the earth that can be used to power our lives.

You’ll see passive solar used in most textbooks on solar energy and they somehow make it sound like a new theory of electricity. Folks, it’s not complicated. It’s been around since Neanderthals lived in caves.

Passive means exactly what it sounds like. You don’t have to do anything to get it and the best part is that it’s either free or relatively low cost. It means using the sun for heat or shielding yourself from the intense heat. It is a critical part of any on or off grid power system.

Start Here

Before you start thinking about using solar/wind power, on-grid or off-grid, you should first consider energy efficiency in your homes. It’s nothing new. American Indians in the southwest built cliff homes over a thousand years ago. These little energy efficient dwellings were homes built into the side of cliffs. This sheltered them… Continue reading

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