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Solar Power and You! Coming Soon!

My new book, Solar Power and You, is in the final stages of publication. You will be able to read it on an eReader, phone, or computer with the Amazon app the day it is published which will be in January, 2017. Shortly after that, paper back copies will become available!

This book will get you started on the path to energy independence. All of the basics are covered along with more advanced knowledge you need to build your own home solar power system. Detailed instructions will be given for a “hands-on” project to allow you to charge your phones, tablets, and other devices when your electricity is off. After you have completed this project you can go on to a simple, portable home system to get you started. Information on how to expand that system is included.

I promise you that you won’t have to wade through a bunch of super technical jargon in order to get started.first-try-jpeg

I will be offering a PDF version of all nine chapters of Solar Power and You for those people who are willing to read it and then send me an honest review. This will be a win-win situation for both… Continue reading

Bug-out Bags 2

Preparation and practice will make the difference between life and death!

Preparation and practice will make the difference between life and death!

In the last post we covered  what a bug-out bag is, and listed some of the basic needs. But what about seasonal specific items?  Let’s start with winter in all but the southernmost states.  If a quick evacuation is needed during the winter, the necessities change greatly. Anyone who lives up north knows to keep their car full of fuel, and stocked with a few items such as a warm blanket, a couple of days worth of ready to eat food such as MRE’s, nutrition bars etc; a case of drinking water with at least 3 or 4 bottles in the passenger area, and the rest in the trunk; a gas can with several gallons of gas (or diesel), several days worth of medications, and a few paperbacks and toys if needed.

Much of the same rules apply to bug out bags. In the winter months, the number one enemy is hypothermia. So in addition to the basic items listed in part 1, we need to add at least one full set of thermal underwear per person, several pairs of premium… Continue reading

Bug-Out Bags: When to Have One and What to Put In It Part 1.

Bug-Out Bags

It's only funny till you need it!

It’s only funny till you need it!

I admit it, you may not know what I mean when I say Bug-out Bags. I’m as guilty as anyone of throwing out terms and expecting you to know what I mean. Then I get a question that makes me know there are new readers who aren’t sure what a bug-out bag is. It’s just a name for a portable collection of essentials that needs to be prepared for yourself and every member of your family.

When to Use Bug-Out Bags

When do we need Bug-Out Bags?

  • In natural disasters which require you to evacuate on a moment’s notice.
  • Imminent threat of a terrorist attack in your neighborhood.
  • Riots or insurrections in your area.
  • Prolonged time when basic services are out and you’re unprepared.
  • Government coups.
  • Alien invasions and zombie attacks. (Okay, so none of us want to think about those.)

That covers most of the reasons when you need to have your bug-out bag at the ready, although there may be other times. Floods, fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes are probably the most likely causes, although none of us can absolutely rule out any of the above in these uncertain times.… Continue reading

Christmas is Coming! Give Gifts that Count!

Gifts our-school-christmas-tree

With the last of the turkey carcass being turned into a delicious soup, it’s time to put on our Christmas hats and start celebrating. This is the perfect time as preppers to start planning what we can give that will not only be loved and appreciated but will also help our family and friends in their preparations. I know that’s a tall order but it’s possible. The first thing we need is to tackle this task with a good attitude. No Scrooge-like scowls, please.

Christmas this year has us at a point when we can look forward to a New Year but also look backwards to a year of chaos and anger as the presidential election took place. Can you believe that the losing side is trying to prolong that misery for us by calling for a recount after saying numerous times that no evidence has emerged that the election was anything but fair and honest? Losers never learn, do they? They need to accept defeat and move on but instead they’re hoping to keep the country in a turmoil.

What should we do? The same as we always do. Ignore their shrill, whiny voices and get on… Continue reading

Don’t Mess With My Cluck Cluck

This article was originally published on 07/03/2016. I’m republishing it today as part two of a 4 part series: Don’t Mess With My Cluck Cluck. The remaining articles will be published over the next few days, including information on egg production and storage, and preparing for winter. Enjoy!20160528_113832_resized

Hey there it’s me again, Mountain Mamma and her chickens.

In my last article I told you about my Grandmothers and what that means to me. Today I would like to tell you about my grandchildren and what raising chickens mean to them.

Our Grandchildren

Kenny, our 15 year old grandson who lives with us liked them when he was younger. All our older grandkids got to pick 2 chicks of their own choice at the hatchery every year. That kept us in a good sized flock, and they would name them all. Whenever they would visit, the first place they went was to check on “their chickens”. They were thrilled to feed them and pick up eggs. Now they have grown up, and found cell phones, video games, and friends. They still go check on them even now!

Taking Care of Our Chickens

Since I was… Continue reading

With a Cluck Cluck Here…Raising Chickens

This article was originally published on 06/04/2016. I’m republishing it today as part one of a 4 part series: Don’t Mess With My Cluck Cluck. The remaining articles will be published over the next few days, including information on egg production and storage, and preparing for winter. Enjoy!


Hey there…I’m back…Mountain Momma

An important part of any country home.

An important part of any country home.

I love chickens. It’s probably a throwback from my childhood. When I was a kid I had the privilege of having two Grandmas, Two Grandpas, and two Great-Grandmas.

All my Grandmas and my Momma had chickens.

My Grandma Jones was my Daddy’s Mom’s Mom. Figure that one out. She lived with Daddy and his family from the time Daddy was five. When Daddy and Momma got married they built a house next door to his folks on Grandma and Grandpa Jones’ homestead.

First thing in the morning, Grandma Jones would get up and call her “ladies” as she called them. Just the sound of her voice and her chickens always came running. She knew all their names and clucked at them. They followed her all over the yard. To me, it was magic!granda-on-the-farm

Chickens are… Continue reading

Are Happy Days Here Again?

If happy days are here again, can we forget about prepping?people-celebrating3

I’m seeing too many people who think they can put off their prepping because the winner of this recent election is going to shove off all the disasters that have been roaring toward us like a tsunami!  Nothing could be farther from the truth! Don’t you know that “draining the swamp” is going to mean that those fat-cat alligators in the bottom are going to thrash in their death throes? The media will be on their side, running down every attempt to straighten out our country. All the problems we faced before the election are still here!

Please don’t fall for the comforting words that say we can eat up our food supplies, move back into urban areas, and forget all about TEOTWAWKI. Happy days are not here again but we can be happy knowing we’re prepared for whatever may come. One thing is certain: The new administration is going to be facing lots of resistance to their program. I firmly believe that difficult times lie ahead in the near future. All of the millions of people who live their lives on government assistance are going… Continue reading

Rejoice With Those Who Rejoice and Mourn With Those Who Mourn

Election Winners and Losers.we the people

The election is over, The winners and losers have been announced, and the entire world is shaking its head in disbelief!  I believe that this is a pivotal moment in American history. We have been given another chance to clean up our act, and return to the values that America was founded on.

While I confess to having a mean little bit of enjoyment watching the mainstream media squirm, now is not the time for gloating. Right now we need to begin to pull together as a nation. That means reaching out to those who have opposed Mr. Trump, and offer our hands in a spirit of reconciliation. Rise above those who are bitter and angry, and above all do not rub the election in the faces of the other side. Instead be calm , matter of fact, and reassure those people that we do care about them, and that their opinion

There will be those that you can’t reach right now because of their disappointment. But I assure you that many of them will be relieved that you’re not taunting them, and will want to be part of the healing process.… Continue reading

Our Last Chance?

Trust Our Founding Fathers!

Trust Our Founding Fathers!

We have 2 days left before the most important election of our lifetime. Not since the civil war has America been so completely divided. See:  Today I watched in horror as President Barrack Obama openly encouraged illegals to vote:  As we all know, only citizens are allowed to vote. 18 U.S. Code § 611  forbids non-citizens to vote.

So is it illegal to encourage someone to break the law? Yes it is.  It falls under ‘aid/abet/counsel/procure‘. Could also be an ‘incitement to commit’… or even a conspiracy depending on the facts.  General rule: if it sounds like it is wrong,  don’t do it! Our President committed a felony by doing this. Will he be prosecuted? Not likely.  Our government is completely corrupt and out of control. Recently I saw Obama making a speech where instead of the American Flag behind him, was a Muslim Prayer Flag. See:

There is no doubt where the 2 main candidates stand. One promises to continue the corruption and graft prevalent today, and the other promises to clean up Washington. A vote for the minor… Continue reading

The War on Cash-Is it a Real Threat?

Emergency Cash Stashwashington-capitol-building-money-cash

A lot of us preppers have been urging everyone to have a supply of cash in case of unrest that causes the banks to shut down. While they tried to keep it from us, it’s well known that the meltdown in 2008 meant we were only minutes away from the failure of first the big banks and then the smaller banks. One of the leading members of the treasury department admitted that they were wringing their hands and wiping their brows before a fix was put in. Of course we all know that fix only helped for the moment but has caused all of us problems since.

This newest threat, though, is even worse. It’s already operating in other parts of the world, with Sweden being the leading example. Here in the United States there are those proposing that only $10.00 bills be available and that every other transaction has to take place electronically. The $100 bill will be the first one to go. Well, I don’t have too many of those lying around but I notice that most prepping sites encourage us to keep a supply of smaller bills on hand. Maybe that’s not… Continue reading

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