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Are Happy Days Here Again?

If happy days are here again, can we forget about prepping?people-celebrating3

I’m seeing too many people who think they can put off their prepping because the winner of this recent election is going to shove off all the disasters that have been roaring toward us like a tsunami!  Nothing could be farther from the truth! Don’t you know that “draining the swamp” is going to mean that those fat-cat alligators in the bottom are going to thrash in their death throes? The media will be on their side, running down every attempt to straighten out our country. All the problems we faced before the election are still here!

Please don’t fall for the comforting words that say we can eat up our food supplies, move back into urban areas, and forget all about TEOTWAWKI. Happy days are not here again but we can be happy knowing we’re prepared for whatever may come. One thing is certain: The new administration is going to be facing lots of resistance to their program. I firmly believe that difficult times lie ahead in the near future. All of the millions of people who live their lives on government assistance are going… Continue reading

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