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Secret recipe for dirt

The Real Dirt! A Secret Recipe!

I never thought I would be writing about dirt, but I promised. In my previous article about container gardening, I promised to give you my secret recipe for the dirt that has won me blue ribbons at state fairs across the USA. I must have had low blood sugar or something, I have never told anyone outside of my family about this. But I won’t be leaving it up for long! Print this out unless you want to buy my next book which will contain this information as well as some other tips not published here.

If you think all dirt is the same, you’re in for a wonderful surprise! And if you’ve had some disappointing results from growing plants in containers before, those days are over. This dirt works miracles.

Before you read this, go back and read my article “Container Gardening” you will be up to speed. Understand that this “growing medium” (a fancy term for dirt), is meant for use in containers and should not be used in conventional “in ground gardens”. We will be covering that later. This growing medium is reusable year after year, but it will need to be remixed and have… Continue reading

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