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How To Slash Your Electric Bill Starting Today!


Always count the cost of what you get free…passive home

How would you like to start slashing those electric bills immediately? Like today? It’s possible!

One of the most overlooked ways to cut electric costs is through passive solar. The sun provides free energy to the earth that can be used to power our lives.

You’ll see passive solar used in most textbooks on solar energy and they somehow make it sound like a new theory of electricity. Folks, it’s not complicated. It’s been around since Neanderthals lived in caves.

Passive means exactly what it sounds like. You don’t have to do anything to get it and the best part is that it’s either free or relatively low cost. It means using the sun for heat or shielding yourself from the intense heat. It is a critical part of any on or off grid power system.

Start Here

Before you start thinking about using solar/wind power, on-grid or off-grid, you should first consider energy efficiency in your homes. It’s nothing new. American Indians in the southwest built cliff homes over a thousand years ago. These little energy efficient dwellings were homes built into the side of cliffs. This sheltered them… Continue reading

Saving for a Rainy Day

My mother always said she was saving for a rainy day. I was puzzled by that as a child but one rainy day when she was old and confused, she asked me if she could afford something.

I answered her, “Sure, you’ve saved for a rainy day and today it’s raining.”

She began smiling and we got in the car and headed to a store so she could buy a pair of earrings she said she had been admiring.

My mother was a product of the Great Depression and she never forgot it.

Lessons from the Great Depression

Those of us who grew up during America’s prosperous days wondered why our parents were so careful with their money. Today, we preppers who fear greater disasters are coming our way could take a lesson from those people who lived through hard times.

The Great Depression occurred roughly in the 1930’s in the United States. There aren’t many alive who are able to personally remember those days but there are quite a few of us who heard about them.

Each time a recession hits we wonder if this is going to turn into another long time of hardship and as we move… Continue reading

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