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Christmas is Coming! Give Gifts that Count!

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With the last of the turkey carcass being turned into a delicious soup, it’s time to put on our Christmas hats and start celebrating. This is the perfect time as preppers to start planning what we can give that will not only be loved and appreciated but will also help our family and friends in their preparations. I know that’s a tall order but it’s possible. The first thing we need is to tackle this task with a good attitude. No Scrooge-like scowls, please.

Christmas this year has us at a point when we can look forward to a New Year but also look backwards to a year of chaos and anger as the presidential election took place. Can you believe that the losing side is trying to prolong that misery for us by calling for a recount after saying numerous times that no evidence has emerged that the election was anything but fair and honest? Losers never learn, do they? They need to accept defeat and move on but instead they’re hoping to keep the country in a turmoil.

What should we do? The same as we always do. Ignore their shrill, whiny voices and get on… Continue reading

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