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The War on Cash-Is it a Real Threat?

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A lot of us preppers have been urging everyone to have a supply of cash in case of unrest that causes the banks to shut down. While they tried to keep it from us, it’s well known that the meltdown in 2008 meant we were only minutes away from the failure of first the big banks and then the smaller banks. One of the leading members of the treasury department admitted that they were wringing their hands and wiping their brows before a fix was put in. Of course we all know that fix only helped for the moment but has caused all of us problems since.

This newest threat, though, is even worse. It’s already operating in other parts of the world, with Sweden being the leading example. Here in the United States there are those proposing that only $10.00 bills be available and that every other transaction has to take place electronically. The $100 bill will be the first one to go. Well, I don’t have too many of those lying around but I notice that most prepping sites encourage us to keep a supply of smaller bills on hand. Maybe that’s not… Continue reading

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