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Urgent! Why You Need a Food Supply Now!

Your Food Supply

This is what a Walmart looked like after the Ferguson, MO. riots!

This is what a Walmart looked like after the Ferguson, MO. riots!

A thoughtful comment from one of our readers about not having a food supply ready in light of what’s happening got me thinking. We couldn’t make up this breaking news if we tried. It’s way too bizarre! Less then two weeks before a presidential election and one of the candidates is facing renewed charges for treason! What’s going on? Is this a set-up so the current president can pardon her and then she’s off the hook? Or is it even more sinister?

Whatever the reality is about what’s happening, we know it’s not good. We know it’s a reminder that we need to be prepared for it. That’s what bothered me that one of my most faithful readers admits that he’s not prepared.

I know, you’ve been reading about needing to have a food supply for a long time now. It’s on your “to-do list” and you have bought a few sacks of beans and rice but it’s never become something you’ve tackled completely. Instead, it’s more like a nagging warning at the back of your head that you wish would just go away. … Continue reading

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