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Making the Leap from City Life to Country Living: Green Acres Here We Come




So you’ve decided that you are ready to get out  of the city, and start Country Living. Your dream coming true! Congratulations, you just made the most important  step! Now, “how do I make this a reality” you wonder to yourself. You are in the right place because we are going to go through it step by step. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices you have to make. The best way to avoid that is to break it down into a series of steps.


First thing: read, read, read!!!. One of the best publication is “The Mother Earth News”. They have been around since 1970, and they also have many spin off publications. I suggest you order The CD titled

“The First 10 Years”The Mother Earth News CD       You can usually find it used on Ebay  or Amazon. While some of the information is a little dated, most of it still applies.

Another great  publication is “The Encyclopedia of Country Living.” Country Living Almanac  It can be found both online as well as at any of the major Booksellers. By reading these books and magazines (and by subscribing… Continue reading

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