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Civil War

Is a Civil War Brewing in America?

Are Cracks in the Fabric of our Society Pointing to a Civil War?Never Destroy

Listening to the daily news it sounds like a civil war is brewing in this country. We may be blaming it on this election circus but there’s more to it than that. For a number of years people have been dividing along lines based on their core beliefs. There was a time when most Americans shared these basic standards but the split is deep-seated now. Compromise seems unlikely.

Historians say it is increasingly becoming like it was just before the Civil War when citizens divided into extreme camps and each had distrust and dislike for the other.

Will everything settle down after this election? It’s unlikely. Whoever moves into the White House will be facing a large percentage of our fellow Americans who launch fierce attacks at them. This will make it almost impossible for the winner to accomplish much. They will literally be under siege and facing the prospect of a civil war.

What do you Stand for?

Now this blog is not intended to take sides politically. We will not name who we think you should vote for or discuss who we are voting for.… Continue reading

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