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Building Confidence

Building Confidence in the Age of Terror and Crime

Guest post by Granny O., Michigan

How to Build Confidence in the Age of Terror and Crime

How confident are you that your family is ready to survive in this Age of Terror and Crime? As my previous posts have emphasized Kid-Size Situational Awareness and Granny’s Games for Prepper Kids, our children need to be taught alertness skills so they notice when something unusual is going down. Think about that recent stabbing attack in a Minnesota mall. If your teen had been there with friends, would they have noticed and taken evasive action or would they have been a victim?

How about you? What would you have done if you heard a shout that a man was stabbing people? Would you run? Would you try to hide? If you had been alert you would have noticed the exits when you came in and even seen some hiding places. You don’t have to be obsessive about it. If you’re alert it becomes second nature to always check our your environment.

Or what if you were out walking and caught in a mob protest that was becoming violent? Bottles being thrown, police in riot gear, crowds pushing you… Continue reading

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