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Are We Already in A Civil War?

  • Are we in an outright war?

Remember when you were growing up? In school we studied American History. One of the biggest chapters was on “The Civil War”, or North Vs. South. While so many different groups have tried to put different spins and meanings on why it occurred, the truth is that two entirely different ways of viewing our nation were battling for supremacy. One side (The North’s) believed that the Federal Government in Washington should be the primary source of rules and policy, while the other side (The South’s) believed that each state was a separate entity, and the only function of the Federal Government was to ensure that The Constitution (as written) was upheld, and that the nation was protected from outside forces. Obviously The North won. We now live in the results of that victory.

Fast forward 152 years to today. Our nation is completely divided again, with violence erupting more and more frequently. Once again the main issue is of differing views on what America is and should be. Instead of North Vs. South, we have Liberals Vs. Conservatives. America First Vs. The One World dogma. But the divisions go far deeper than that! If we look back to 9/11/2001 we see that our last 3 Presidencies have consisted of Moderate (Bush), Extreme Liberal (Obama), and now Nationalism (Trump).  Each represents an entirely different way of life to us citizens.

Bush, Obama, Trump

While Bush wasn’t extremely popular, the nation bonded behind him in the wake of the Twin Towers attack. By the end of his second term, America was tired of 8 years of war in the Mideast with no visible progress. Then came Obama, who was resisted by the conservatives, but promised “Hope and Change.” By the end of his 2 terms of complete insanity, The Mideast was in complete turmoil, we were still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, our military a shell of itself due to budget cuts to fund social programs, our national debt increased by more than all of the presidents before him combined, Washington was racked by corruption and scandals beyond belief, and most of all America had become completely and hopelessly divided with distrust and active hatred of all civil authority. This didn’t happen just under Obama’s administration, as the seeds for this were laid in the cultural revolution of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

When 2016 rolled around and campaigning began in earnest, the country was in 2 major factions- Republicans and Democrats. Interestingly enough the division was also geographical, with Democrats controlling almost all of the urban areas and the media, and Republicans controlling the rural areas. In fact the presidential election was almost decided by only 5 counties which contain over 30% of the U.S. population.(and that’s the reason for the Electoral College) Violence, corruption, and voter fraud were all major players in this election. But the shocking part was the huge groundswell of support for a political unknown- Donald Trump. After the dust settled and the results were in, he walked away with the victory. Even the people who voted for him were stunned by his win. And the riots, lying media, and violence were raised to levels unseen in the history of this nation!

What Happened to Free Speech?

Now here we are in the first 100 days of his presidency and our country is at war with itself. If you are a Trump supporter, you dare not advertise the fact if you live in a city or urban area because you and your family will be targets of hatred, anger and even extreme violence. Riots are occurring daily with ever increasing anger and violence towards anyone who disagrees with the “Liberal Left’s” agenda. The very people who for years advocated tolerance, free speech, and non-violence are now the attackers. The police seem paralyzed by all of this and by the fact that they have been pilloried by their leaders. The anti gun factions are now armed and advocating killing police and anyone who disagrees with them. Anarchy, madness and mob rule are now what controls our cities. Mayors and city councils are openly defying the laws of the land. Gangs are in control of larger and larger areas.

Believe me when I say that we are fast approaching a tipping point- in fact I believe it has already occurred! Soon the insanity is going to turn into outright war and our president will have no choice but to declare martial law. I’m not certain our troops will have the will to begin killing their fellow citizens, and then things will quickly spiral out of control. Sound scary? Folks this is as real as it gets. If you add in the many nations who outright hate us, and fund terrorists and other anti American interests then the scenario becomes unspeakably bad. Imagine United Nations troops landing on our soil to “restore order.” Think of our port cities being blockaded from allowing free trade to exist and no food being brought into the cities! There have been many government studies on things just like this and all of them are grim. In fact most say that 60-80% of the U.S. population would be dead within 6 months and over 90% dead after 1 year! That means only about 360, 000 out of 325,000,000 people would be left. While many novels and movies have been written about this, none of them actually reflect the horror of what it really would be like. Unless you are a combat veteran or have traveled extensively you can have no idea of what true suffering is. So what should you do?

Steps to Take Now

If you live in a city, then you need to get your family out. Now. If riots get out of control do you think Police and National Guard will protect you? Do you believe they will even be able to tell the difference between rioters and people trying to flee? It’s almost too late. If martial law is enacted, then travel will be completely restricted or stopped. If you read the articles in the archives of this blog you will find complete directions on how to get out and find a safer place to live. I’m not trying to sell you things, I just want you and your family to survive. I don’t care if you think I’m crazy, in fact I don’t even care what your political or religious beliefs are. Please read these articles!

Stop watching the insane media and use your head. Think about how many people have voted each way, and you will realize that the mess we are in can only end in tragedy. People have become so polarized that there is no longer a common meeting ground. Violence and hatred are being taught in our schools, our universities, and all over the internet. And anyone who advocates moderation and tolerance is viciously attacked. Freedom of speech is gone. Many of our youth are becoming fascists.

Two Rays of Hope

I really hope that I’ve scared the c**p out of you! We live in perilous times, if not outright war.  However, I can offer 2 rays of hope.The first one is that we are all guests here. Our world, our being, everything that you call real was made by a Mighty Creator who loved us so much he sent his son to die for our sins. We may pretend that we are our own masters, but we are merely players in a play too vast to understand! You do have free choice to accept him or reject him, but everything that happens was planned before there such a thing as the universe or a minute speck called Stephen Hawking!

The second thing is that America was founded by Christians on Christian Principals. No matter how much liberals try to claim otherwise, all you have to do is read The Declaration Of Independence and notice that all of it is based on the Bible, as is our Constitution. They even signed these documents in the name of Jesus Christ. Fact not opinion. The election of President Trump shows that we are still a nation of Christians, and perhaps The Lord will see fit to let us continue. But I wouldn’t wait in a city to find out! Read the archives of this blog. Feel free to comment or contact me directly via the contact form on the home page of this blog. And most of all, think! The media- both liberal and conservative have gone completely nuts and cannot be believed. But you can sure get an idea of how bad it is from watching the complete difference in what they report.

Agree with me or disagree with me? Feel free to contact me and tell me what you think. I’ll be pulling for you and hope to meet you all soon!



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