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Good News? Is It Time to Let Down Our Guard?

Do we have good news today?

I wish I had good news to report but sadly, that’s not the case most days. You’d think that the country would settle down after the election and we could get about our business but nearly every day there’s some story that makes it look like nothing is really improving.

In all my years I’ve never seen the office of the president of the United States treated the way it’s being treated. People are threatening the holder of the office, calling him mentally ill, and breaking the law at every turn. Whether you like the president is not important. What is important is that you respect our country.

The problem is a lot of people are not wishing our country well. They’re actually hoping we have trouble. I see a lot of bad things coming if these people, who are really enemies, don’t get stopped. Until we see some signs that things are improving, we preppers must stay alert.

We must not give into the feeling that all will be well. I know, you’re weary from always having to think about these things. I’m weary, too, but now is not the time to give in to these feelings. I read that gun and ammo sales are way down since the election. That means people are feeling a false sense of safety once more.

If America doesn’t straighten up, this is what our future holds!

We’re not safe! We have enemies both inside and outside our country that want nothing more than to take away our freedoms and our even our lives! They make fun of us and make it plain they don’t think we have a right to say what we believe. Remember, we’re just a basket of deplorables to them.

Here are some of the things that seem to be looming:

  1. Protest marches that turn violent and threaten our safety and the safety of our children. Watching these marches on your TV makes you get used to them. But if you or your family ever get caught up in one, you need to take immediate action and have a plan to get to safety. For one such plan see

    This is the result of poor parenting and not paying attention to what our children are taught today!

  2. Power grid attacks which are nightmare scenarios. Stores will be closed. No public services. Clean water scarce. No normal means of escape because planes can’t fly, trains can’t run, and gas stations can’t pump fuel. This is nothing new to readers of this blog. We’ve been discussing the likelihood of this a long time. Now the government is warning about a “cyber Pearl Harbor” where enemies, whether inside our country or outside, cripple our country with a sudden attack. To learn more, read And get started on your solar power system by reading my new book SOLAR POWER AND YOU, available on Amazon.

    Don’t wait until this happens, because it will be too late!

  3. A ban on cash. The cash you’ve stashed away for an emergency could become worthless. Read
  4. And don’t forget natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, wind storms, snow storms, and others which can happen at any moment. Are you prepared? How is your food supply? Are your bug-out bags ready? Read

A better suggestion yet. Just troll through the archives for my past articles and get caught up. Plan today to put your prepping on steroids so you’re ready for whatever disaster may come.

In the meantime, hope and pray for the good news  we deserve. Enjoy the life you have now as you prepare for the future.


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