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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Are We Already in A Civil War?

  • Are we in an outright war?

Remember when you were growing up? In school we studied American History. One of the biggest chapters was on “The Civil War”, or North Vs. South. While so many different groups have tried to put different spins and meanings on why it occurred, the truth is that two entirely different ways of viewing our nation were battling for supremacy. One side (The North’s) believed that the Federal Government in Washington should be the primary source of rules and policy, while the other side (The South’s) believed that each state was a separate entity, and the only function of the Federal Government was to ensure that The Constitution (as written) was upheld, and that the nation was protected from outside forces. Obviously The North won. We now live in the results of that victory.

Fast forward 152 years to today. Our nation is completely divided again, with violence erupting more and more frequently. Once again the main issue is of differing views on what America is and should be. Instead of North Vs. South, we have Liberals Vs. Conservatives. America First Vs. The One World dogma. But the divisions go far deeper… Continue reading

Good News? Is It Time to Let Down Our Guard?

Do we have good news today?

I wish I had good news to report but sadly, that’s not the case most days. You’d think that the country would settle down after the election and we could get about our business but nearly every day there’s some story that makes it look like nothing is really improving.

In all my years I’ve never seen the office of the president of the United States treated the way it’s being treated. People are threatening the holder of the office, calling him mentally ill, and breaking the law at every turn. Whether you like the president is not important. What is important is that you respect our country.

The problem is a lot of people are not wishing our country well. They’re actually hoping we have trouble. I see a lot of bad things coming if these people, who are really enemies, don’t get stopped. Until we see some signs that things are improving, we preppers must stay alert.

We must not give into the feeling that all will be well. I know, you’re weary from always having to think about these things. I’m weary, too, but now is not the time to give… Continue reading

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