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2017 Is Here!

What will 2017 Bring?

It’s time to take a look at 2017! During the seemingly endless 2016 we almost gave up that it would ever end. But 2017 is here, folks and let’s see if that’s a reason to celebrate.

Problems we’re Facing.

Some people are full of doom-and-gloom and others are too optimistic. I think it’s good to be somewhere in the middle. We can be happy that some of the dire things being planned for this country were stopped but we mustn’t take our eyes off the long-term picture. We still have too many enemies, inside and outside of our country, who are hell bent on destroying us and what we stand for.

Our nation still has too much debt and needs to get its financial house in order. We still have friendly nations being punished and our enemies being rewarded. We still have people who think they have a right to tell us how we need to think and talk. We still have a military that must be rebuilt and we still are not taking care of our veterans in the way they deserve.

Our Hopes for the Future.

On the positive side, we see our new president-elect is trying to bring back jobs. Not just minimum wage jobs either but meaningful, well-paying jobs. We see a resurgence of patriotism and a desire to rebuild our military and unshackle them from the terrible rules of engagement that have kept them from winning wars. We see cabinet members being chosen who believe in the right of everyone to choose how their children will be educated.

We have promises that the hundreds, if not thousands, of regulations that make it hard for businesses to succeed will be rolled back. We have promises that people who think they have a right to flood our country, get welfare, and our jobs will finally be stopped. We have promises that the corruption and evil in our government will be ended and even our leaders will have to obey the laws of the land.

Where Do We Go From Here?

So what should our attitude be in 2017?

  • Continue to prep. Natural disasters and enemies still loom that could disrupt our food supply at any time.
  • Be alert to danger and keep on preparing your family.  Make a plan and then practice that plan whether you need to “hunker down” or “bug out” in case of any type of disaster.
  • Choose a goal of something meaningful you will do in 2017. My suggestion, of course, is to add solar power to your life. My new book SOLAR POWER AND YOU will be published in the next few weeks and it will teach you what you need to know in this area. (Just a note: I want to thank all of you who ordered an advance pdf copy and sent your suggestions to me after reading it. I appreciate you!)

Our electrical grid is in more danger than ever. There was a so-called fake story about an electrical grid in Vermont was hacked. Well, that may have been faked but there are other incidents that have occurred.  Our enemies never stop! It seems some of our “fearless leaders” are just now waking up to this danger or so the media would have you believe.

Keep alert in 2017 and continue reading my blog. Send me your ideas on what you predict the upcoming year will bring!

I’m looking forward to our best year yet!

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