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Voodoo, Polar Vortex, and Global Warming ?

Polar Vortex Voodoo

Polar vortex and global warming? Let me get this straight, folks. The icy deep freeze we’re having now is caused by global warming??? That hot air is so bad now that it’s causing most of us to shiver and shake? Didn’t the same ones who are preaching this say that last summer’s searing heat was caused by global warming? You almost feel sorry for the poor people who are desperate to blame everything wrong on some kind of voodoo they’ve invented.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the climate doesn’t change a lot. Sometimes it goes through hotter cycles and sometimes it goes through colder cycles. I think that’s been happening for a long, long time and it’s nothing new. Some of you may have grandparents or great-grandparents who talk about the ‘awful winter of such and such’ when the lakes froze over or the terrible summer of ’42 when it was so hot that steam came off the sidewalks.

One of my all time favorites for young and old alike!

Books about Unusual Weather

Even as far south as Houston, Texas there’s a story that once in the late 1800’s Galveston Bay which leads into the Gulf of Mexico had a thin sheet of ice over it in January and that led to the coolest summer anyone remembers. Lots of historical books describe these times. I’m thinking of “The Long Winter” by Laura Ingalls Wilders (remember “Little House on the Prairie” on TV which is loosely based on these books?)  If you’ve got some kids at home this cold season might be a good time to pop some corn or parch some peanuts and sit by the fireside and read this book out loud to them.

Talk about cold! Laura and her sisters woke up every morning with a thin sheet of ice on top of their bed covers. Maybe from their breaths? I don’t know but the book is a true account of one winter in the 1800’s. It describes how they ran out of wood for their fuel and had to twist hay into little pellets to burn in the wood burning stove. It makes all of us appreciate our creature comforts today.

The Mainstream Media

And yet the mainstream media insists with a straight face that all of the bad weather, whether too hot or too cold,  tornadoes or floods, even earthquakes and volcano eruptions, is caused by us bad people and our carbon emissions. It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. Think of all the problems this view causes, especially to businesses and industries.

I read recently that cows are causing massive methane emissions! I’m pretty sure most of the emissions are coming from the idiots who write such baloney. ( Plankton in the oceans cause most of the global methane emissions!) Then think of the people who benefit from it, such as so called green companies, colleges and universities who get huge grants to research global warming, and  manufacturers who make devices to “clean up industry”. Did you  ever stop to think what would happen if they said “no such thing as global warming exists”. All that government money would go away.

Let’s Address Real Pollution in the Right Way

Of course I agree that pollution exists. Corporations who dump toxic waste into rivers and store waste products unsafely are nothing new. But if the so-called buzz words “global warming, carbon footprint,, climate change and too many others to list here” were shown to be a hoax, imagine how much money would be freed up to address real pollution!

The climate has changed over and over throughout the history of the earth. If it didn’t wouldn’t the dinosaurs still be here? And as far as the polar ice packs melting, that too has happened over and over. The problem is that saying things like that aren’t sensational would hurt the companies that have gotten rich from using these scare tactics, and then invested in the very companies that were created as a result!

Those of you who have requested my book SOLAR POWER AND YOU which is soon to be published know that I very much believe in using renewable sources of energy. That’s one of the ways to address real pollution. I just don’t believe the governments of the world and the UN have the right to tell us what to do like the voodoo global warming people do.

Government Involvement in Global Warming

Al Gore is one of the most obvious cases. When he left office in 2001 his net worth was less than 1 million dollars. Now he’s worth several hundred million, and almost all of his gains are from his investment and participation in environmental start-ups. And oddly enough he became the vocal spokesperson of such issues right before he left office as vice president.

He’s not the only one by any means. It’s nothing less than astounding how many politicians became huge supporters of these environmental issues right after they invested in these same start-ups. And of course the fact they used their government positions to award huge grants to colleges, universities, and corporations whose research agreed with these same issues is only a coincidence!

I wish that you could say I need to take off my tinfoil hat, but the facts are all in the public record for anyone who wishes to do a little research. In fact there is a petition signed by many researchers who disagree- Of course there are many people who try to call this a hoax. Once again if we look at the source of these so-called “debunkers” we find people and organizations who have vigorously advocated global warming for years, and many who have a vested interest in (translation: money) keeping such issues at a fever pitch. In fact I dare you to find any researchers who haven’t had most or all of their pro global warming research funded by federal government dollars or corporations heavily invested in this field.

Don’t just call me a crackpot, show me real facts proving me wrong.

By the way, places like The Huffington Post, National Enquirer, and other such sources don’t actually waste time doing real research. They just find a few sources that agree with them and cite them. And don’t waste your time quoting major universities because almost all of their funding  comes from the federal government and the  same companies that profit from global warming.

Forgive my ranting but I get so mad when so many people swallow this garbage wholeheartedly and act all snooty about it, calling us a “basket of deplorables” because we demand scientific proof! And just to set the record straight, The Clinton Foundation has donated millions to universities and colleges who advocate global warming. And if all of you “earth-muffins” actually take the time to look, you’ll find the Clintons are heavily invested in environmental companies. And of course Elizabeth Warren is an Indian, Rachel Dolezal is black, and Hillary lost the election because of “fake news”…more Kool-Aid anyone?…

Keeping Our Environment Clean

Of course we should control pollution as much as possible. No one likes dirty air or water but we have to be reasonable. The only way to pacify those trying to hypnotize us with climate voodoo would be to stop the birth of any future population and go back to living with no modern conveniences.

What we have to accept is that “global warming” is not based on science. It has become a religious cult that is spoon fed to our children in cartoons, movies, children’s books, and in the public schools. These “climate accords” reached by our current president with other world leaders is an attempt to globalize the world and redistribute the world’s wealth in the way they see fit. What do these leaders get out of it? Power and more power to control us!

I don’t think any of us need to spend one moment worrying that one day this planet will get so hot that we’ll all freeze to death!

For now, enjoy this latest burst of cold weather. Maybe someday you can tell your grandkids and great-grandkids about the cold spell that came about Christmas time in 2016. Just don’t embellish the hardships too much!

Until the next time…

2 Responses to Voodoo, Polar Vortex, and Global Warming ?

  • I love this article! As a kid, I was so worried that I might hurt Planet Earth. My mother used hairspray and I begged her not to harm us. A few years ago I became a Christian and found out that God created the earth and he’s able to keep it together to fulfill His plan. I homeschool my own kids so they won’t have to hear all the nonsense I did when I was in school. Keep writing articles like this. Jocelyn.

  • Thanks, Jocelyn. I know what you mean about this nonsense being stuffed down little kids’ throats to make them feel scared and guilty.

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