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Are Happy Days Here Again?

If happy days are here again, can we forget about prepping?people-celebrating3

I’m seeing too many people who think they can put off their prepping because the winner of this recent election is going to shove off all the disasters that have been roaring toward us like a tsunami!  Nothing could be farther from the truth! Don’t you know that “draining the swamp” is going to mean that those fat-cat alligators in the bottom are going to thrash in their death throes? The media will be on their side, running down every attempt to straighten out our country. All the problems we faced before the election are still here!

Please don’t fall for the comforting words that say we can eat up our food supplies, move back into urban areas, and forget all about TEOTWAWKI. Happy days are not here again but we can be happy knowing we’re prepared for whatever may come. One thing is certain: The new administration is going to be facing lots of resistance to their program. I firmly believe that difficult times lie ahead in the near future. All of the millions of people who live their lives on government assistance are going to be very angry when their handouts start reducing, and they will be forced to actually work to get benefits. That is probably one of the biggest reasons why they voted for the “status quo”; and now their lives are going to be changing forever.

Reasons to be happy.

I don’t want to rain on your parade. There are lots of reasons to see these as happy days. It’s true that we won’t be ruled by the UN and its orders that are designed to make us a third world country. It means that we will once again build up our military which will prevent bullies from moving in on us. Who wants to fight us when we’re totally prepared?

Yesterday, November 11th has been a day honoring our veterans. Veterans in this country have not been treated like they should in the past. The winner of this election has promised to right that wrong. Let’s keep his feet to the fire on that promise. This election means that we can finally see some meaningful reforms for the men and women who served us so faithfully.

The outcome of this election will mean that our borders will be secured so thousands of refugees, those posing as the needy who want to harm us, will not be flowing into our country, bringing diseases and their laws with them which conflict with our values.

It means we won’t have to walk on eggshells and watch every word we say for fear it may upset one of the “snowflake” generation who can’t stand to hear the truth. It means our police will be allowed to do their duty of protecting law-abiding citizens. It means what we do is our business as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.


None of these outcomes will be easy to achieve. Every step of the way, the forces that have been ruining our country will fight and attempt to stop the ones trying to return our country to us. Our new leader is an unknown political force. He’s just one man with flaws that are common to all of us. Will he have the stamina to keep going in the face of a constant barrage against him? It won’t be easy.

Too often in the past we-the-people have sent candidates we thought would stand up for us to Washington only to have them seduced by the glamor and the opinions of those who oppose us. Will our new leader be one of them? I doubt it.

Using this time wisely.

Once you begin, you'll gain confidence, and find yourself eager to keep going!

    Once you begin, you’ll gain confidence, and find yourself eager to keep going!

The biggest outcome of this election, in my opinion, it that it gives us some time. The question is, how are we going to use this time? Are we going to let these happy days lull us into a false security? Or will we step up to the plate and redouble our efforts to become self-sufficient? If hard economic times occur because of the transition, having supplies and becoming more self sufficient will be the difference between living a healthy lifestyle, or relying on ever reducing handouts. I know which one I’m choosing! What about you?

I’m going to be writing a series of the most important steps to take during this time of relative calm. Some of these steps will include:

  • Securing that food supply. (I know, you’re tired of hearing about this but it’s too important to ignore.)
  • Getting your bug-out bags ready. (Natural disasters are too frequent to not be ready.)
  • Moving toward self-sufficiency whether that includes preparations for sheltering in place or a move to a rural area.
  • Getting that emergency portable solar system in place.
  • Best steps to take toward homesteading, many of which can be done right where you live now.
  • Self-defense methods for yourself and family members.

I have a lot more plans on the drawing board so stay tuned. Don’t forget to be alert and be happy. Even though we can’t rely on the government for happy days, this is your life. Enjoy it.

Please let me know what you’d like to hear more about and leave me comments below. Share this with your friends on social media.thomas-painemigrant-invasion-2-300x278

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