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Election Winners and Losers.we the people

The election is over, The winners and losers have been announced, and the entire world is shaking its head in disbelief!  I believe that this is a pivotal moment in American history. We have been given another chance to clean up our act, and return to the values that America was founded on.

While I confess to having a mean little bit of enjoyment watching the mainstream media squirm, now is not the time for gloating. Right now we need to begin to pull together as a nation. That means reaching out to those who have opposed Mr. Trump, and offer our hands in a spirit of reconciliation. Rise above those who are bitter and angry, and above all do not rub the election in the faces of the other side. Instead be calm , matter of fact, and reassure those people that we do care about them, and that their opinion

There will be those that you can’t reach right now because of their disappointment. But I assure you that many of them will be relieved that you’re not taunting them, and will want to be part of the healing process. And as for the rest, they will either respect the will of the people, or they will fade away.

What Lies Ahead?

So the question is, what now since the election winners are known? Does this mean that the disaster scenarios we have been discussing will not happen now? Not at all. Mr. Trump is facing huge problems. In other words, he is inheriting a mess. Think of the national debt, for one. He has offered a good workable solution for that and it depends on his being able to add new, meaningful, well-paying jobs to our economy. This will produce more taxes and lower the deficit and allow us to pay off our obligations. As a businessman, I’m betting he’s able to do it.

Another big problem he is facing is the number of Muslims and other people who may not even like our country that have been given important jobs in Washington, including in the military and in the intelligence services. These will need to be identified and relieved of their jobs if there is any doubt about their loyalty to this country. For more on this read

I could go on and on listing challenges for Mr. Trump such as solving the refugee and undocumented worker crises but that’s enough for starters. We have to assume he’s going to build the wall, shore up our defenses both at home and overseas, and lower taxes.

african-americansWhat Should We Be Doing?

Where does that leave us? At least for now, keep your usual schedule of preparing for unexpected problems in our country. Look at either moving away from urban areas, or continue working towards your goal of self-sufficiency. America has spent decades gradually declining and turning it around won’t happen overnight. I believe that some difficult times still lay ahead of us but let’s stop and rejoice today for this chance we’ve been given.

The winds of change are coming. Fasten your seatbelt. Hold on to your hat and roll up your sleeves. We all have work to do!

Let me know your feelings about this election and what you think we can do at this time in history. Your opinions are important to us all!

What do we have in common? We are all Americans, and we know how to save our nation!

What do we have in common? We are all Americans, and we know how to save our nation!

Patrick Henry


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