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Our Last Chance?

Trust Our Founding Fathers!

Trust Our Founding Fathers!

We have 2 days left before the most important election of our lifetime. Not since the civil war has America been so completely divided. See:  Today I watched in horror as President Barrack Obama openly encouraged illegals to vote:  As we all know, only citizens are allowed to vote. 18 U.S. Code § 611  forbids non-citizens to vote.

So is it illegal to encourage someone to break the law? Yes it is.  It falls under ‘aid/abet/counsel/procure‘. Could also be an ‘incitement to commit’… or even a conspiracy depending on the facts.  General rule: if it sounds like it is wrong,  don’t do it! Our President committed a felony by doing this. Will he be prosecuted? Not likely.  Our government is completely corrupt and out of control. Recently I saw Obama making a speech where instead of the American Flag behind him, was a Muslim Prayer Flag. See:

There is no doubt where the 2 main candidates stand. One promises to continue the corruption and graft prevalent today, and the other promises to clean up Washington. A vote for the minor candidates is a vote wasted in this critical election. While I must admit that I’m not really a big fan of either candidate, the choice is clear to me. If we do not have major changes in our government and its present officials, then America as we know it will cease to exist.

no-gunsHillary has promised to make going after the Second Amendment one of her top priorities.  Folks, our Founding Fathers didn’t get it wrong! As they all stated many times, one of the primary purposes of gun ownership was to protect us from a government gone mad. She also promised to continue or expand unregulated immigration, more social services,  and transfer of state governments to federal control. Freedom of Religion only applies to Non Christians!

We have been getting more and more government regulations shoved down our throats for the last 8 years at a rate unseen before in American history! If we don’t do something now, and Hillary Clinton becomes our next president, we will probably never have a chance again to save our once great nation!george-washington-on-guns

Please think long and hard before you vote tomorrow! Even if you don’t like Trump, Hillary is much, much worse!  Don’t give America away to the people who have already taken so much from us! And please join me in prayer that The United States of America does not fall!th4MUXLGTE

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