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Urgent! Why You Need a Food Supply Now!

Your Food Supply

This is what a Walmart looked like after the Ferguson, MO. riots!

This is what a Walmart looked like after the Ferguson, MO. riots!

A thoughtful comment from one of our readers about not having a food supply ready in light of what’s happening got me thinking. We couldn’t make up this breaking news if we tried. It’s way too bizarre! Less then two weeks before a presidential election and one of the candidates is facing renewed charges for treason! What’s going on? Is this a set-up so the current president can pardon her and then she’s off the hook? Or is it even more sinister?

Whatever the reality is about what’s happening, we know it’s not good. We know it’s a reminder that we need to be prepared for it. That’s what bothered me that one of my most faithful readers admits that he’s not prepared.

I know, you’ve been reading about needing to have a food supply for a long time now. It’s on your “to-do list” and you have bought a few sacks of beans and rice but it’s never become something you’ve tackled completely. Instead, it’s more like a nagging warning at the back of your head that you wish would just go away. This time I want you to take this warning seriously!

At least 90% of American people live in or near big cities so you’re probably one of them. Almost none of those people can feed themselves. Much to our surprise, we read that even farmers don’t try to feed themselves in today’s world. It’s so convenient just to run to the nearest store for things, rather than till the ground, plant, harvest, and store your own food. They raise cash crops to sell, not to use.

Depending on Credit or the Governmentcontrol1

Most farmers, just like most food consumers, depend on credit for their needs. They buy their supplies, their fertilizer, their machinery, their fuel and everything else on credit. Then there’s the man in between the farmer and the customer, the middle man, so to speak. Only a few of them are solo operators. Most are huge conglomerates who buy the food from the farmer and process and package it. They don’t make a lot of money out of doing this so credit is what’s used to finance the whole operation.

Then how is it brought to you? Most of it is trucked in and truckers use credit for their big rigs and their fuel. When it reaches your store, just watch how many people pay for their groceries with credit cards. Maybe you’re one of them.

Why do we care? As long as credit is accepted, then everything is just hunky dory! We’ll go on using money we don’t have at the moment to buy things we use up and it disappears. But what happens if the credit stops? What happens if a tiny occurrence, such as unrest in many areas of our country at once,  starts a huge ripple that swarms through our food supply regimen?stripping-shelves


Oh, what’s with the doom-and-gloom talk? Why would it stop? Well, look at Venezuela as an example. Maybe you’ve seen the food riots on the news or maybe you’ve gone on the internet and seen what’s happening there. It’s utter chaos. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons but the most frequently given are:

  • Political unrest. Bad leaders who are doing everything wrong. An election gone crazy! (Sound familiar?)
  • Credit has died. Inflation is over 60% so no one is willing to loan money.
  • The government doesn’t have the money to import food so the shelves are almost empty.
  • Law and order is almost non-existent.

If it were just Venezuela, it wouldn’t be so alarming. But it’s not. Japan is in desperate straits. It’s been in trouble for at least 25 years and it’s been printing huge amounts of money and giving huge amounts of credit. It’s happening in Japan faster than here but Europe and the U.S. are going down the same path. Many households in the U.S. get more money from the government than the taxes they have paid over their lifetimes. Retirees are living longer than was ever imagined when Social Security was begun. To add to the woes, not enough babies are being born to someday sustain working men and women who pay the taxes to pay these debts that we’ve piled up for the coming generation.

That’s the big picture of a future we’re barreling toward unless we change course but what’s likely to happen now to upset our food supply? How about unrest in our cities or on our highways? How about natural disasters or terrorist attacks? The list could on and on but I don’t need to tell you this. And how about when people refuse to loan our country money? That’s when the credit crisis comes. My readers are well informed so why aren’t they all prepared?

This will keep a family of 4 going for about a week.

This will keep a family of 4 going for about a week.

It’s human nature. We all think it can’t happen to us, that disaster will happen to the other guy or in another country. But why take a chance? Instead of waiting for the inevitable credit crash to come or unrest because of an election or any of the other things that can upset our food supply chain, start getting your food supply ready. Start today by making a list of the food your family likes and will eat. If you’re wealthy, then buy freeze dried packets that taste like homemade food twenty-five years from now. But if you’re like most of us, living from pay day to pay day, just buy extra every week. Maybe it means you’ll have to leave off some of those goodies you love but the satisfaction of knowing you’re taking care of your family may well outweigh the momentary pleasure of that food on your lips. And if the future turns out better than we fear, plan on that garden for when the weather is favorable. There are so many things you can do but dreaming won’t get it done.

This is a cache that will feed your family several months.

This is a cache that will feed your family several months.                                                                               

Above all, don’t panic, no matter what is happening. Just relax, knowing that you’re prepared and you will survive.

I’m counting on you…

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