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Worst Case Scenarios

Worst Case Scenarios

Think of life without electricity!

Think of life without electricity!

You wake up one night dripping with sweat. What’s wrong? After tossing and turning several minutes you decide to get up and check. You don’t turn on any lights because you don’t want to wake up the family so you feel your way down the hall to the thermostat. The little light that usually allows you to read the temperature is out. Uh Oh. This doesn’t look good.

A few more steps to the kitchen where you pull a flashlight out of a drawer and back to the thermostat you go. It’s set on its usual 73 degrees but the temperature shows it’s 91 degrees in the house. Whoa! The AC must be broken. How long will it take to get a repairman out, you wonder, dismayed at the thought of the bill.

You glance out the front window and realize that it’s pitch black out there. Your usual floodlights that light up your driveway are out and no lights appear on your neighbor’s porches either.

There’s a sense of relief as you realize it may not be your AC after all. It’s probably an electrical outage. Lately there’ve been a lot of those but they’re usually during the hottest part of the day when the grid is overloaded. Brownouts, they call them. At least they’re always short-lived.

Probably all of us have had an experience like this and we hope that it is only a brief power interruption. But why have they been increasing lately?

Why All the Brownouts?substation

A little research shows that the U.S. Electric grid is in a sad state and very vulnerable to all kinds of problems. The grid serves more than 300 million people and is the most essential part of our infrastructure. There are many parts to it, beginning with the power plants and the transformer systems. According to one of the spokesmen for “Secure the Grid”, there are some 2,000 high voltage transformers in use and they are in danger from attacks both from within and from without.

Most transformer substations are in remote areas and left unguarded because of the high cost of security. They are woefully unprepared for the types of attacks that threaten them. Most of them are automatically controlled by computer systems that can be hacked by enemies around the world.

What Can Happen?

Some of the attacks that can happen are:

  • Physical attacks
  • Cyber Attacks
  • Electro-magnetic Attacks
    A solar flare could easily wipe out our power grid!

    A solar flare could easily wipe out our power grid!

And if that weren’t enough, Mother Nature can even unleash a solar geomagnetic phenomenon.

Physical attacks are frequently caused by criminal gangs seeking to steal valuable materials. Some are petty criminals but most are highly sophisticated teams who understand the value of what they’re stealing.

Others are sabotage attacks from terrorists. These sabotage attacks are occurring on a weekly, if not daily occurrence, according to a senior Obama administration official. One such attack happened in Metcalf, California and if it had succeeded in knocking out all 18 of the cooling tanks that support the station’s giant transformers it would have ruined the massive transformer and resulted in much of Silicon Valley being without electricity for up to a year.

You didn’t read much about that in the paper or hear much about it on the news, did you?

Cyber attackers use many different means. In 2014 CNBC reported that the control systems of most of the U.S. systems had been infected by a sophisticated cyber weapon which came possibly from Russia or China.

National Geographic aired a docudrama entitled “American Blackout” which told about all the horrors that would happen in this country in the event of a major disruption of the grid. Go online and see if you can find that to watch. It’s very enlightening.

One of our former directors of Homeland Security said that a cyberattack on our power grid is not a matter of “if” but “when”.

Worst Case Scenarios. EMP Attacks.

This is what can happen with only one bomb. Can you imagine how bad it would be if three or more were detonated?

This is what can happen with only one bomb. Can you imagine how bad it would be if three or more were detonated?

The worst attack that could happen is called an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack. It could happen if an enemy unleashed a pulse of electronic gamma rays that could “fry” our infrastructure. Another type of this attack is called a HEMP (High-altitude electromagnetic pulse) and it comes from a nuclear weapon being unleashed over the earth. Some of our enemies are hard at work developing this and North Korea and Iran have both announced they have these devices.

What’s this about Mother Nature’s attack? Well, almost like a nuclear weapon, solar storms can produce electromagnetic energy that can damage our power plants. There are a number of solar storms that have affected earth. One was called the Quebec Storm in 1989 that collapsed the Quebec, Canada grid along with parts of the United States. Sweden had a power failure from solar storms in 2003 and the earth has missed others by only a matter of days or weeks.

What You Must Do!emp-attack1

I’m sure you’re like me and thinking, “Well, what can I do about it? I have no control over our power grid.”

First, you can share this information with your friends and family. And share it with social media by clicking on the links below. News about this needs to be a part of everyone’s planning.

Secondly, you can let your representatives in Congress know that we want much more security at our power plants. A supervisor of security at one of the largest power grid systems said he needed nine million dollars to adequately secure his many substations. Instead he only got $90,000.

Third, and most doable, you can prepare yourself and your family by providing emergency solar power to your home.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing more about this with you and I am in the process of writing a book on Solar Power Solutions which will be available soon.

In the meantime I will be posting articles on the steps to building your own system.

Start with the Free Report

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Don’t wait! Get that report now!

If you’d like to comment on this article or ask any questions, please do. And please share it with your family and friends and all of your social media outlets below. We don’t have time to waste!

Don't wait until this happens, because it will be too late!

Don’t wait until this happens, because it will be too late!


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  • You may not have meant to scare me but it scared the stuffing out of me. Let me know when that book comes out. I’m ready to get some emergency power back-up. Just make sure the book is simple enough for ordinary people to understand.

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