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Another Senseless Tragedy!

Sheriff Deputies ride outside an armored vehicle on Airline Highway, a major road that passes in front of the Baton Rouge Police Department headquarters, as they attempt to clear protesters from the road in Baton Rouge, La., Saturday, July 9, 2016. People were protesting the shooting death of a black man, Alton Sterling, by two white police officers at a convenience store parking lot last week in Baton Rouge, La. (AP Photo/Max Becherer)

Why are our Police being targeted?

It just keeps happening over and over- yet another senseless tragedy! Truly our country is at a major turning point. These vicious attacks on our police are increasing in frequency and  becoming much more organized. Clearly there is a calculated intent behind all of this.

Is There A Reason?

There is a Latin phrase going back over 2000 years that is still in use today by police and detectives:  “Cui Bono”.  It means “who benefits”. In almost all crimes other than crimes of passion the criminal expects to get some benefit from the crime for example-a bank robber expects to get money for his efforts. On a larger scale ISIS expects to gain power and control over millions of people, as well as land, military assets, and much more. Of course so did Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin etc. So let’s apply these words to the systematic attacks on police, ever intensifying racial hatred, and our top leaders being immune to prosecution no matter how obvious their crimes are.

Who Benefits?

No one can argue that these attacks are clearly incited by various organizations. So the question is- why? What do you think these people expect to gain?  I’m sure we can all imagine some secret group orchestrating all of this. Conspiracy nuts are having a field day with all this!  But I’m not here to capitalize on these senseless tragedies, I just want to know “who benefits?”

Who Are The Most Likely Suspects?

Let’s start with the most obvious suspects- The Obama Administration is the leader! Since President Obama took office he has clearly had an agenda. He and his appointed cabinet have acted in ways that clearly violate The Constitution, Legal Statutes, and their Oath of Office. Why? If he truly loved America he would do everything in his power to protect it, just as he swore to do. Why do you think he acts the way he does? When he stands up and openly says that blacks are oppressed and profiled by police, he is promoting chaos and acts of violence. When he says that Republicans are evil and promote racism,  he is clearly inciting rebellion and encouraging hatred!

Who Else is Promoting Hatred and Violence?

Let’s look at another prime suspect- Hillary Clinton. She has openly said that Republicans want to “ continue oppressing blacks and Latinos.” When asked who she was most proud of being an enemy of, she replied with a list including“The NRA.” Not Islamic terrorists, not the KKK, and definitely not corrupt politicians! Both she and President Obama have been openly hostile and degrading towards the NRA, and the Second  Amendment. Even when presented with factual evidence that no NRA member has ever shot a police officer,  been a mass shooter, or committed any other hate or terror crime, they have continued their attacks on private gun ownership. Why do you think they do that?

we the people

Who Benefits?

So..back to our question “Who Benefits”?  Our answer is obvious- THEY DO”!  While they keep us distracted and at each other’s throats, they are steadily stripping power from Individual  Americans, and moving power from our 50 states, to Washington, DC. Make no mistake, that is what’s happening. They clearly don’t care about the Constitution, or States Rights, or you and me. They are using these events for their own benefit. If you can come up with some other idea and are willing to base it in fact, I’d love to hear it. Isn’t it a little odd that all of this is happening in an election year? Of course it is- in fact it’s convenient for one group’s ideology and candidates, and horrible for people who believe in the principles on which this nation was founded.  In fact it’s so perfect and well timed that only an idiot would think that this isn’t organized.

Once again- “Who Benefits”? Not Us!

What to do? And what to do before another senseless tragedy occurs? First thing is to read all of the articles in this blog as they show a way to avoid or at least minimize the effects of what’s happening. Start collecting books about ethics, history, and preparedness.  I suspect that soon you will see them vanish as they are banned. Do whatever it takes to get your family out of the cities where martial law will have the most effect on individual rights, and out to small towns and rural areas as it’s just too big for federal agencies to police.  Besides, they need the working people out in the country to provide them with food and raw materials that they can’t get in overcrowded cities. As a result of that need they will keep the illusion of freedom going in rural areas. Remember- 80.1% of all Americans live in Cities and Urban areas. And they actually all live on only 5.3%of the land. That means that 19.9% of Americans live on 94.7% of the land. ( That information comes from the US Census Website).  Where do you want your family to be when the next disaster strikes?.facebook_1467665915652Subscribe to this blog, and stay updated on how to deal with all of these terrible events. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook!:

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