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Troubling Times


No doubt about it; these are  troubling times. Times of chaos and anxiety. The dangers are real but what is even worse is the uncertainty. With riots happening all over the country,  worldwide terrorists attacks and countries teetering on the edge of anarchy, all of us are stopping to examine how we should live. Should we go on living as if nothing is happening?

Government Advice

That’s what the government tells us to do. But myself (Granny O.) and those of you who are willing to think about this know that we must start making some important decisions. Should we give up traveling on our summer vacations? Should we attend events with large crowds? Should we go around armed everywhere we go? Truly these are troubling times!

None of us wants to hunker down in our homes and wait for the enemy to come. We want to be proactive and enjoy our day-to-day lives. We don’t want to raise our children in an atmosphere of fear and dread. But’s it’s a lot to deal with on many fronts now.

Long-term Planning.

I hope you read the last post, A Call to Action,  It should start you thinking. It’s time to think seriously about moving but it’s not something that it’s likely you can do today. Or maybe not even this year. What you can do is start your planning, though.

Immediate Steps

What can you do today, immediately, right this minute? Check your food supply would be my first suggestion. If you’re like me, you sometimes get careless in that area. Be certain you have at least a month’s supply for each member of your family. How long has it been since you’ve rotated it so your supplies are fresh? What can you add to it today? It’s summertime so I hope you have a good garden. Even if you live in an apartment you can plant pots of vegetables. It’s not too late in the season. Nothing tastes better than fresh.

How about your solar charging system for your electronic devices? If you haven’t downloaded the free report on this site, do that right now. You certainly don’t want to be caught with no ability to keep up to date on what’s happening and to be able to reach your family and friends. It’s a simple enough project that even a granny like me found it easy to do. My grandkids are impressed when I show it to them. “Gee, Grandma’s gone solar!”

tabletop setup

Alertness Skills

Those of you who have read my posts, know that I believe in teaching children to be aware, very aware of their surroundings. The same holds true for the adults in your family. If you find yourself in a crowd that makes you feel uneasy, swivel your gaze and see if anyone looks as if they might be carrying a weapon around their waist or if someone seems extremely nervous. Move out of their way immediately.

Make sure they know to keep alert!

Make sure they know to keep alert!

Enjoy the Life You Have Today.

With all that said, let’s not be glum and gloomy all the time. These are the times we live in and it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy our lives. This is the time to be building good memories with your family, memories that may take them through some bad times.

Live in the present, not always worrying about the future. Hug your children and grandchildren today and let them know you love them. Troubling times have come and gone in the past and those who were born into them survived. We will too!america-first

Let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment and ask questions if you have any.

Guest post by Granny O., Michigan

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