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America’s Independence Day


Why We Declared Independence.

On July 4th, 1776 The 13 Colonies declared Independence from England. They did it because they were tired of being taxed into ruin, yet having no say in how those funds were spent, being told how they could worship, dealing with an oppressive government that could do anything to anyone without accountability,  and most of all, because they were tired of the government taking away their freedom, their dignity, and their right to defend themselves! Because of the courage of The Founding Fathers, and the Constitution they carefully crafted, America has been the shining light of equality and freedom for the world for 240 years!

Under Attack!

Today, the Constitution is under direct attack by the very people elected to defend it. Our rights are being eroded a little more each day. Our leaders are corrupt, and have completely lost touch with “We The People”. There are so many scandals involving our highest politicians that it’s impossible to keep track of them all. Other than The Bill of Rights there has not been a single amendment to the Constitution made that has increased the freedom or rights of individual Americans. Ever. Every single amendment has Increased the power of the Federal government and decreased the rights of the state governments, and of individuals. Our president’s middle name is “Hussein” of all things. Do you really think he cares about you or me?  Do you think ANY of the present candidates for office care about us?We can’t go on much longer like this.


Today we hear endless prattle about “Globalization” and how wonderful it is. Well the more we Globalize, the more everyday Americans  lose a piece of “The American Dream”. Every time a company “outsources”, another group of Americans are left jobless and hopeless. We’ve lost our factories, our farms, and now we rely on other countries for almost everything. Foreigners are buying up our land, our banks, and our way of life. We owe more money to  the rest of the world than we can ever pay back.

It’s Not Too Late!Reagan-Standing-up-for-America-means-God

It’s not too late for America. We can still take our country back. But every time we look away when a foreigner walks around jabbering to his family in some language besides English, we give up a little more of our country. Every time we see a bunch of punks defacing our flag and we do nothing we lose a little more of America! When God has been removed from our schools, but Islam is allowed, we give away more of our nation. STAND UP! GROW A PAIR! If you aren’t willing to stand up for the country that has given you so much, then don’t be whining about immigration, foreigners dictating our laws, politicians stealing everything they can, and all the other problems that you didn’t stand up against.  No nation that turns it’s back on God and Christianity has ever lasted long.

I know I’m supposed to wish you all a happy 4th and good times,  but I can’t. It’s not a happy day. Instead, while we stand around swilling beer and stuffing our overfed faces with brats and burgers, there are thousands of people working directly for the destruction of America. Many of them are walking among us today. But we just look away and say ”somebody ought to do something”. Well you and I are somebody. Just like every other tough job in your life, if you don’t do it, then it won’t get done. Stop letting foreigners trample on your rights. Stop letting crooked politicians get in office. If you don’t, well you’ll be “outsourced” next.

God Bless America, and the people who have fought and died to protect us. They gave all so we could be here today!United States Flag Iwo.facebook_1467665915652

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