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Worst Case Scenarios

Worst Case Scenarios

Think of life without electricity!

Think of life without electricity!

You wake up one night dripping with sweat. What’s wrong? After tossing and turning several minutes you decide to get up and check. You don’t turn on any lights because you don’t want to wake up the family so you feel your way down the hall to the thermostat. The little light that usually allows you to read the temperature is out. Uh Oh. This doesn’t look good.

A few more steps to the kitchen where you pull a flashlight out of a drawer and back to the thermostat you go. It’s set on its usual 73 degrees but the temperature shows it’s 91 degrees in the house. Whoa! The AC must be broken. How long will it take to get a repairman out, you wonder, dismayed at the thought of the bill.

You glance out the front window and realize that it’s pitch black out there. Your usual floodlights that light up your driveway are out and no lights appear on your neighbor’s porches either.

There’s a sense of relief as you realize it may not be your AC after all. It’s probably an electrical outage. Lately there’ve been a lot… Continue reading

How To Slash Your Electric Bill Starting Today!


Always count the cost of what you get free…passive home

How would you like to start slashing those electric bills immediately? Like today? It’s possible!

One of the most overlooked ways to cut electric costs is through passive solar. The sun provides free energy to the earth that can be used to power our lives.

You’ll see passive solar used in most textbooks on solar energy and they somehow make it sound like a new theory of electricity. Folks, it’s not complicated. It’s been around since Neanderthals lived in caves.

Passive means exactly what it sounds like. You don’t have to do anything to get it and the best part is that it’s either free or relatively low cost. It means using the sun for heat or shielding yourself from the intense heat. It is a critical part of any on or off grid power system.

Start Here

Before you start thinking about using solar/wind power, on-grid or off-grid, you should first consider energy efficiency in your homes. It’s nothing new. American Indians in the southwest built cliff homes over a thousand years ago. These little energy efficient dwellings were homes built into the side of cliffs. This sheltered them… Continue reading

Another Senseless Tragedy!

Sheriff Deputies ride outside an armored vehicle on Airline Highway, a major road that passes in front of the Baton Rouge Police Department headquarters, as they attempt to clear protesters from the road in Baton Rouge, La., Saturday, July 9, 2016. People were protesting the shooting death of a black man, Alton Sterling, by two white police officers at a convenience store parking lot last week in Baton Rouge, La. (AP Photo/Max Becherer)

Why are our Police being targeted?

It just keeps happening over and over- yet another senseless tragedy! Truly our country is at a major turning point. These vicious attacks on our police are increasing in frequency and  becoming much more organized. Clearly there is a calculated intent behind all of this.

Is There A Reason?

There is a Latin phrase going back over 2000 years that is still in use today by police and detectives:  “Cui Bono”.  It means “who benefits”. In almost all crimes other than crimes of passion the criminal expects to get some benefit from the crime for example-a bank robber expects to get money for his efforts. On a larger scale ISIS expects to gain power and control over millions of people, as well as land, military assets, and much more. Of course so did Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin etc. So let’s apply these words to the systematic attacks on police, ever intensifying racial hatred, and our top leaders being immune to prosecution no matter how obvious their crimes are.

Who Benefits?

No one can argue that these attacks are clearly incited by various organizations. So the question is- why? What do you… Continue reading

Troubling Times


No doubt about it; these are  troubling times. Times of chaos and anxiety. The dangers are real but what is even worse is the uncertainty. With riots happening all over the country,  worldwide terrorists attacks and countries teetering on the edge of anarchy, all of us are stopping to examine how we should live. Should we go on living as if nothing is happening?

Government Advice

That’s what the government tells us to do. But myself (Granny O.) and those of you who are willing to think about this know that we must start making some important decisions. Should we give up traveling on our summer vacations? Should we attend events with large crowds? Should we go around armed everywhere we go? Truly these are troubling times!

None of us wants to hunker down in our homes and wait for the enemy to come. We want to be proactive and enjoy our day-to-day lives. We don’t want to raise our children in an atmosphere of fear and dread. But’s it’s a lot to deal with on many fronts now.

Long-term Planning.

I hope you read the last post, A Call to Action,  It… Continue reading

A Call To Action


Tragedy and Uprisings Daily

We certainly live in “interesting” times. We start a new week with our nation and the world in chaos! Every day a new horror is revealed. The United States is at a tipping point. Not since the Civil War has our country been so divided. Our president  and other leaders are directly responsible for a large part of what is happening in our country. The media is fanning the flames as fast as they can! Everywhere we turn we are faced with Anger, Hatred, and Uncertainty. People are rioting day and night against the very people protecting them!  And it only looks to get worse as we move into the upcoming  elections.

No Wonder Things Are Out Of Control!

I did some research on our population, and uncovered some shocking facts. Did you know that as of Feb. 2016, over 80.1% of Americans live in a urban area.? And here is where it gets crazy- 94.7% of the land in America is classified as rural. That means that 80.1%  of all the people in the US live on only 5.3% of our land. I got all of this information from the… Continue reading

Saving for a Rainy Day

My mother always said she was saving for a rainy day. I was puzzled by that as a child but one rainy day when she was old and confused, she asked me if she could afford something.

I answered her, “Sure, you’ve saved for a rainy day and today it’s raining.”

She began smiling and we got in the car and headed to a store so she could buy a pair of earrings she said she had been admiring.

My mother was a product of the Great Depression and she never forgot it.

Lessons from the Great Depression

Those of us who grew up during America’s prosperous days wondered why our parents were so careful with their money. Today, we preppers who fear greater disasters are coming our way could take a lesson from those people who lived through hard times.

The Great Depression occurred roughly in the 1930’s in the United States. There aren’t many alive who are able to personally remember those days but there are quite a few of us who heard about them.

Each time a recession hits we wonder if this is going to turn into another long time of hardship and as we move… Continue reading

America’s Independence Day


Why We Declared Independence.

On July 4th, 1776 The 13 Colonies declared Independence from England. They did it because they were tired of being taxed into ruin, yet having no say in how those funds were spent, being told how they could worship, dealing with an oppressive government that could do anything to anyone without accountability,  and most of all, because they were tired of the government taking away their freedom, their dignity, and their right to defend themselves! Because of the courage of The Founding Fathers, and the Constitution they carefully crafted, America has been the shining light of equality and freedom for the world for 240 years!

Under Attack!

Today, the Constitution is under direct attack by the very people elected to defend it. Our rights are being eroded a little more each day. Our leaders are corrupt, and have completely lost touch with “We The People”. There are so many scandals involving our highest politicians that it’s impossible to keep track of them all. Other than The Bill of Rights there has not been a single amendment to the Constitution made that has increased the freedom or rights of individual Americans. Ever. Every single amendment has… Continue reading

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