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Orlando Shootings

I’ve received a number of emails regarding this terrorist event. While I normally wouldn’t speak about this matter in this blog, my conscience demands otherwise.  So for the record, let me state my opinion clearly.


1. This was a horrible and despicable act by a religious fanatic.

2. There were 300 people in that bar and 1 gunman. He could have been easily overpowered if the bar patrons had immediately rushed him. There still would have been a few casualties, but certainly not 100 people shot!

3. Clearly there there is something seriously wrong with the attitude of people in America. Have we already forgotten 9/11? There were 4 planes involved. On 3 of those planes, the passengers passively sat and offered no resistance to the hijackers. All three of those planes hit their targets, causing massive damage and a huge number of casualties. The 4th aircraft, United Airlines Flight 93 went down in a field in Pennsylvania. The passengers fought back and stopped that plane from striking it’s target. They behaved as True American Heroes!  They didn’t die on the hijacker’s terms but on their own. For years afterward, Americans were able to hold their heads up proudly because of those peoples actions.

4. The patrons of that bar in Orlando hid and begged for their lives. They died as the victims they were. No matter what the media tries to portray them as, they were NOT heroes under any definition of the word!

5. Our President went to Orlando and publicly humiliated America in the eyes of every thinking person in the world. He did it with full knowledge of what he was doing because he is deliberately trying to destroy The United States of America. That has been his agenda since he was elected.

6. Gun control doesn’t work. There is no documented proof that these laws reduce crime. All they do is make it easier for criminals and lunatics. Mass shooters never target places where the citizens are armed because they know they will die quickly. They always target places where they know that the people are unarmed- Schools, Churches, and Workplaces are a few examples. And some of the worst mass murderers didn’t use guns at all.

7.If the advocates of gun control have their way, Only the Government and Criminals will have guns. I’m not sure that there’s much difference between the two in today’s America!

8. No one has ever stopped a bully by asking him to stop, or by giving him what he (or she) wants. Bullies only stop when faced by someone who fights back and refuses to be bullied.

9. We Americans have turned into a bunch of pitiful cowards who always want someone else to fight their battles. This attitude is the fault of the Government, the media, and most of all Parents who teach their children not to fight back. That results in people at all levels from children to our entire nation to sit passively and wait for someone else to solve their problems.

10. I believe that we are witnessing the End Times of America. The world is a dangerous and violent place. Our military is being systematically dismantled, while other countries (China and Russia to name a couple) have been steadily building up their own to levels never seen before in the history of civilization. What do you think they plan to do with those armies and navies?


I know many will disagree with my assessment of these matters. You are free to do that because brave men with guns fought and died to give you that right! Diplomacy is great as long as your opponents know you will never cower or allow them to attack you without a terrible cost. When the criminals in Washington DC get through destroying our Constitution as it was created by truly great men, what we will have is a socialist dictatorship. Only then will Americans realize what they have allowed to happen. But by then it will be too late! I pray daily that my fellow Americans will turn back to the core values that made The United States to be the greatest nation in history!


Thank you all for taking a moment to read this. God bless you and God bless America!

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