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Top 10 Reasons to Live the Self-Sufficient Life

First, let’s say that being self-sufficient and living an alternative lifestyle  means different things to each of us. It’s both a journey and a destination and begins with small steps.


It starts with a dream of being independent and then we develop that dream into reality. Yes, it does require motivation and hard work. But don’t be fearful, it’s not as hard as you think! If you are fed up being stuck in an overcrowded city, where you’re surrounded by people speaking every language but English, where criminals roam the streets freely, and the noise and stink never stop, well then….Read on…

  1. You’ll regain your freedom:

Freedom from being a wage slave.

Freedom from constantly having to worry about your job.

Freedom from an unpleasant overbearing boss.

  1. You can say good-bye to long commutes. No more snarling traffic and road ragers. No more breathing the fumes of cars and trucks. No more wasted time which you could use for your own benefit.
  1. No more dress codes. Dress the way you like and the way that expresses you best.
  1. Forget about going to a gym and paying dues. Forget training for marathons or running down hard pavement. Get all the exercise you need doing the things that are meaningful to you and that supply your necessities.
  1. Use your own natural creativity to live your unique dream. Don’t see your best ideas either rejected out of hand or stolen for the benefit of others.
  1. Help others who live like you and accept their help in return. Find a community of like-minded people who are not competing with you.
  1. Raise self-reliant children who are part of a team. Homeschooling is a perfect fit for the self-sufficient life. Children become the blessing they are meant to be instead of the liability that says it costs thousands of dollars to raise a child. Forget worrying about the safety of your children in day care centers. Teach them your values and demonstrate them in a meaningful way to them.
  1. Be truly prepared for whatever may come in the way of disasters, natural or man-made. Not only will you have your supplies stored away but you’ll have ways to replenish them to sustain yourself and your family members. Eating fresh vegetable and responsibly grown meats will give you the nutrients you need to be your healthiest self even in prolonged times of economic depression.
  1. Instead of worrying about what to do with elderly parents, invite them to participate with you in their own space. The self-sufficient life is for all ages and there’s something for everyone to do.
  1. Forget political correctness. Be free to express your opinions without fear of losing your job or being censured by the sheep around you. Treat everyone with respect and treat the earth with respect. The only way to truly live “green” is to be a partner with nature.

Print this out and post it to motivate you when the dream seems elusive.

I want you to know that it’s not as hard as you think! It doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your creature comforts. With todays technology television and internet only need a couple of small dishes on your roof. And it doesn’t mean you have to go live in the woods and chop down trees to build a cabin.

I live in rural southwest Missouri. I have electricity, water, a septic system, and all of the normal amenities. There are no building codes or inspectors telling me what I can and can’t do on my land. And if some sort of collapse or calamity occurs, I’ll still have my own electricity.

And with a large garden along with our chickens and rabbits, why we’ll have plenty to eat and barter with. And all my neighbors are the same way. We all look out for one another, instead of worrying about being burglarized when we’re gone, I know my neighbors will come investigate if an unknown vehicle pulls down my driveway.

There are many places beside Missouri to find that perfect property. If you’re working full time to support your family, I will tell you how to move out of the city, yet still have an income. If you’re retired, then think about what it would be like to have a life in the country with lots to do instead of sitting around watching depressing news on the television and going to the senior center and hang out with a bunch of other retirees who only complain about everything! Being retired doesn’t mean you can’t still have a wonderful adventure as well as leaving a true legacy for your children and grandchildren to enjoy long after you’re gone!

You can do this! Over the next few weeks and months, I’m going to detail how to make your dream a reality. When you look out your window and see your neighbors house 5 feet away, think about how nice it would be to look out at rolling hills, open spaces, and no traffic noise. Subscribe to my blog and I’ll tell you how you can be truly independent!



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