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Dumbing Down America

Dumbing Down America

So, another week has gone by. Is it just me or are you noticing that most things are getting more and more surreal?

Weapons for Enemies

Yesterday I watched the President of the United States stand at a podium in Vietnam and announce that America will now sell modern high-tech weapons to a Communist dictatorship where approximately 212,000 US troops were injured and/or killed.

By “sell” I mean he is giving them a basically unlimited line of credit for these weapons. Of course, most of the news channels are blaring away about how wonderful it is!

Predators in Public Bathrooms

Let’s not forget that public bathrooms are now legally open to predators! Plus if our schools don’t allow the predators in their bathrooms, then government is threatening your state, saying “Kiss your federal dollars goodbye.” We sent those federal dollars to Washington in the first place..

Home Schooling

For those of you who haven’t already started, it looks like it’s time to dust off the home schooling skills and prepare to be a teacher.

When we lived in Alaska, we home schooled our boys because spending three to four hours a day on school buses seemed unfair to them. We tried to stick with a standard curriculum so they would be on a par with their age groups.

In 2006 we moved from Alaska to Mandeville, Louisiana where I had a contract repairing/overhauling a number of U.S. Coast Guard boats that were damaged in Hurricane Katrina.

We still had two school-aged sons, one in junior high and one senior in high school. Both complained they were being forced to take courses they had completed in home schooling several years earlier. Why was the public school system dumbing down the classes? Was it to make it appear that the students were doing great?

Revising History

My boys also complained that the history classes (renamed “social studies”) were teaching information that was flat-out untrue and totally went against what we taught them at home (real history).

I went to the junior high school to discuss matters with the “social studies” teacher, and had the horrifying experience of meeting a teacher who told me that my information was untrue (even though it was in Encyclopedia Britannica). He also said what I taught was “racist”. If all else fails in an argument, pull out that old chestnut.

He said the ONLY history my boys would be exposed to would be from a state-approved book list.

Worse, he would not even look at the information I had for him, saying he was sure that my list was incorrect.

Why am I ranting about this? Maybe it’s because we should remember we can’t blame the youth of today for their completely unrealistic view of life as we allowed them to be taught lies.

I’m not just talking about differing interpretations of history. I’m referring to massive omissions of fact.

A 21 year old honors student at MSU told me that the Holocaust of WW2 Germany never happened. It was just propaganda to justify us attacking Germany. Worse, he was being completely serious!

As I’ve said before, there is a reckoning coming. While I know it’s not too late for America to turn itself around, at this moment, I see no sign of it happening.

That means you and I need to be ready for radical changes in what we know as life today. Whether it’s a complete collapse of society, a move to a socialist government (most likely), some type of natural catastrophe, or a race to get to the bottom of world nations, a lot of things we take for granted are changing right under our noses.

What Can We Do?

I have a lot of ideas and will be sharing them in future posts. I’d also like for you to share your ideas of what you’ve done and are planning on doing to put a halt to the increasingly bad changes.

Old Movies Vanishing

But for right now one change we’re seeing is that some of our best old movies are under attack.. I’m sure you have a lot of favorites but did you know that a lot of the old movies we grew up with are being quietly gotten rid of by the motion picture industry?

You heard that right! Historical movies are being taken off the market, removed from playlists, and relegated to the dustbin all because they might offend someone.

Under particular scrutiny are any movies depicting slavery (especially where the slaves are not brutally mistreated) and movies that even hint that the Civil War was fought for any other reasons than slavery.

Another category of movies being removed are any that show Islam as the fanatical cult that it is. I could go on and on, but start searching for your old favorites and you’ll find that some are no longer available except through second-hand stores or websites.

If you’re a movie buff like me, now is the time to get them as they may not be around much longer. Soon, I’ll be posting about a way to create a large movie library for minimum investment.

Until next time…


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